Weaving is a wonderful medium for slowly and thoughtfully interpreting ideas. The effort involved can focus the mind and allow time to define the progression towards a tangible end.I try to convey my sincere appreciation of the land and waterscape surrounding me often focussing on a particular view or a memory of a walk taken in the woods, by the shore or in the hills. Since studying fine art at Maidstone College of Art from 1970 –1974 and learning to weave, I have made many pieces, some taking months to finish. I weave on wooden frames, nailed top and bottom and warped with cotton. I use wool and cotton to depict design led images. Originally I chose weaving as the obvious medium because I liked the simple skill of pulling weft through warp. Hands occupied, I could almost dream my way to the top and resolved problems with a rhythmic pace.I surround myself with possible colour choices and a small sketch and then let inspiration and practical solutions resolve themselves.